Oh No, Another Blog from Jeff Barr

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I’ve been blogging in one form or another for several years. My older products include jeffbarr.editthispage.com, http://newsfeeds.manilasites.com, and a couple of sites hosted on Syndic8. Those sites were lost to the sands of time in a recent server meltdown.

It’s time to start again, for better or for worse. I just installed WordPress and I am raring to go.

This will not be an ultra-personal blog, you won’t hear too much about my kids, my wife, my dog, or anything like that. I won’t get very political, or too religious. I will be talking about RSS and syndication, my work on Syndic8, web services, PHP, MySQL, web development, books, travel and other things that I find interesting. My goal is to share information, not to make anyone angry or to stir up controversy.

So here we go!