Contact Jeff Barr

Here’s how you can get in touch with me, along with the rules for each one. Before using any of these, please read the Jeff Barr FAQ.

  • Email is the best way to reach me. I do my best to read and respond to all emails in a timely fashion:

  • Sometimes a phone call is best. If this is a genuine emergency — including but not limited to imminent loss of life or danger to property, or something extraordinary related to the Amazon Web Services or to one of my own projects, then don’t hesitate to call me. Please don’t call to try to hire me, or to try to sell me something. If you are calling for a press quote, I will have to refer you to my PR department at Amazon, wasting my time and yours. Read the FAQ and follow there directions there.

    • Cell phone is 425-246-2238
    • Office phone is 206-266-1580
  • I belong to and participate in a couple of social networks. Here’s where you can find me: