It Works!

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We made a lot of progress on Saturday. Click to see the picture in high resolution.

First, Stephen finished up the axle:

Steve Axle

Here’s what it looks like. That axle holds the big black sprocket, the wheel, and a disc brake:

Back Wheel

I machined 4 slots on the motor mounting plate. I didn’t get them positioned just right, and we had to procure a new plate from our friendly neighborhood Metal Supermarket. The new plate is thicker, and we are much happier with the result. Here’s Andy showing off the slots:

Andy Motor Mount

Then we mounted the motor to the plate and put the chain on. Stephen and Andy had already mounted the torque converter to the motor. Here are the boys in action:

Boys in Action

Finally, we dragged it outside and started it up. The wheel turned, and there was much rejoicing (the full version of this picture gives you a great view of what we’ve done so far):