Good Links

1 minute read

A few thing that have caught my eye in the past couple of days:

  • Creating Applications with Mozilla – Is it just me, or has Mozilla become the platform of choice for cool hacks and utilities?
  • The Extensions Mirror – “Completing your XPI’rience” – This is the place to find all of those cool hacks and extensions.
  • It’s Hard to Manage if You Don’t Blog – Blogging is now considered an essential part of the top-level communication strategy at Sun. At first I was thinking that “If you blog too much, you won’t have time to manage.” However, on further reflection, there may be some real truisms here. Perhaps the most important job of Management is to have and communicate their vision for where the organization needs to go. Most of my former employers have limited this communication time to infrequent meetings or carefully crafted, hand-polished emails. If blogging can communicate not just these polished thoughts but a bit of the thinking behind them, employees will be better informed and able to do a better job of implementing the vision.
  • Numbered Tabs for Firefox – Haven’t tried this yet; looks very nice.
  • Joe Kraus has been telling some fascinating stories in his Bnoopy Blog. Expect some great things from his Jot product. Joe demo’ed it to me at Foo Camp, and it is both functional and cool.
  • Forbes is running an excerpt from Guy Kawasaki’s new book, “The Art of The Start.” I’m a long time fan of Guy’s other books; I am sure this one will also be a worthwhile read.