Weekend Wackiness

1 minute read

I spent most of the weekend at Chris Pirillo‘s Gnomedex conference; I met a lot of great people, put some faces behind the names, and had a really good time. I also brought back a lot of SWAG. Chris was nice enough to put together some great SWAG-bags for the panelists — a very thoughtful touch.

Doug Kaye of IT Conversations recorded and will post the entire conference here.

I spoke on a panel centered around the future of online advertising. Dave Taylor posted a complete set of reference links (nice domain name, Dave).

Net-net from the conference — RSS is about to hit the big-time, in a really big way. Essentially every session revolved around RSS, syndication, and feeds. I think the real power here is the separation, de-aggregation (e.g. items instead of sites), and exposure of plain, unadulterated content. People are just now starting to grasp the power of taking this raw info and using it as they please, rather than in the way that it was intended to be used. As William Gibson said, “the street finds its own use for things.”

My list of cool URLs to visit is now pretty long. I’ll scavenge these from my notes and post the most interesting stuff as soon as I have some time.