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WAMP = Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP

A few years ago, someone coined the name LAMP to refer to the combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and either PHP or Perl (conveniently, both are powerful and both start with the letter “P”). O’Reilly publishes, and the word “LAMP” is a great shorthand term for this powerful package of technologies.

Now there’s another acronym on the scene, WAMP. This simply replaces the “L” for Linux with a “W” for Windows.

The WAMPServer is a convenient, all-in-one installation package for Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Windows. It installs the latest versions of each technology (PHP 5, MySQL 4, and so forth). It also installs other useful tools such as PHPMyAdmin.

This package is a great way to get started with the best open source technologies for building web applications!