Free – Today Only – Guide to Business Blogging

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Free Today Only After yesterday’s Blog Business Summit, it seems appropriate to link to this free Guide to Business Blogging. Unlike most PDFs, this one can be read on-screen without an excess of scrolling, or you can print it out (41 pages) and take it with you. The document is being offered by ChangeThis, and today is the last day to get it for free.

I will not be at the Summit today. I need to return to the real world, and travel to Salt Lake City on behalf of my employer. I am going there to attend a career fair and to give a “tech talk” on the Amazon Web Services to those young, impressionable students.

By the way, I find that travel time is perfect for reading documents like this guide. I have a pile of stuff here that I can read then discard. I can then return with less paper than I started with.