Syndic8 Web Service Functi0ns for Tagging

less than 1 minute read

Because Syndic8 is a platform for all kinds of interesting applications (most of which I don’t know nearly enough about), a lot of the site functionality is also available in the form of XML-RPC web services.

To go along with the tagging functionality that I rolled out last week, here are a bunch of new tagging functions:

  1. TagFeed to assign a tag to a feed.
  2. GetTaggedFeeds to fetch the Feed Ids of all feeds with a given tag, for all users or for a particular user.
  3. GetAllFeedTags to fetch the set of tags used on all feeds, either globally or for a particular user.

These are all documented on the Syndic8 Web Services Page.

If you build something cool with this, please drop me an email.