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Air Travel Taxes and Fees

I just booked some vacation travel (Seattle to Cabo san Lucas, Mexico) on America West. When I finalized my purchase I was stunned to see that nearly 1/3 of the cost of my ticket was composed of various taxes and fees. The basic ticket cost was $288, which seemed very reasonable. However, the following extra costs were added on:

Tax: Mexico International Departure $26.99
Tax: Mexico Tourism $18.88
Fee: Passenger Facility Charges $13.50
Fee: September 11th Security Fee $7.50
Fee: US Immigration $7.00
Fee: US Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service $4.95

The final cost of each ticket was $395.02!

After comparing various travel sites, it is clear that some report the final price and others report the basic price. When you are shopping online, be sure to check this before deciding that one site gives you a better deal than another.