Raining Cats and Blogs

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I have a knack for creating some horribly bad puns, and the title of this post is no exception. My kids know better than anyone else just how horribly prolific I can be in this regard. So, with that said, the title of this post is actually quite accurate:

  • “Raining Cats”: Some “professionals” complain that the blogging world is all about cats, and that the proper use of internet is for “real” corpororate information. Now, this need not be an either/or proposition. The Purina corporation now has a number of RSS feeds, including the category-spanning Real Cats, Real Stories.
  • “Raining Blogs”: I am pleased to report that we now have 400,000 feeds on Syndic8. Yowza, that’s a lot of data to pull down every day. Right now each daily poll is pulling in about 4.5 GB of XML.