Do you know Chris Pirillo?

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Bernard Moon asks “Do you know Chris Pirillo?“. Why yes, I do, actually. In fact, I can’t prove it, but I am fairly certain that I introduced him to the concept of RSS sometime in 1999, back when I was building Headline Viewer.

Later today I will be attending the opening session of ChrisGnomedex conference, right here in Seattle. If this is half as good as the last one (in Lake Tahoe) it will be a rip-roaringly good time. I’m looking forward to hearing from Dave and Adam, and I know that Microsoft will be announcing something pretty cool.

If you will be at Gnomedex, find me and say hello. I’ll be happy to talk about the Amazon Web Services, RSS, or Syndic8.

Oh yeah, and my name is in a press release that will be issued at the conference, but I won’t spill the beans on that one just yet.