We Don’t Need No Stinking Transmitters

1 minute read

As part of the intro to each episode of his Daily Source Code, Adam Curry plays a very cool sound clip. A Hispanic voice asks “Transmitters? We don’t need no stinking transmitters!” For some reason this little phrase makes me laugh to myself each time that I hear it.

This little pattern has it’s roots in a phrase from a1935 movie, trimmed down to its essentials over time. You can read all about it on the No Stinking Badges page.

UHFWeird Al’s UHF movie has the important modification: “Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!”.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah, looking for the sound clip. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the “transmitters” clip online.

Adam was the closing keynote speaker at Gnomedex yesterday. After he left the stage and was talking to the other attendees, I asked him where he found the clip. He directed me to Craig Patchett. I emailed Craig and here it is: “[Transmitters? We don’t need no stinking transmitters! (MP3)][8]“. I checked with Craig and he was happy to let me link to it.

Thanks, everyone! ** Update: 28 June 2005**: Craig was kind enough to send me his original blog entry.