Sixty Days to 100K

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I started an email exchange with David Perdew of World Wanting Peace and a month or two ago after he featured his feed on Syndic8. At the time, David told me that he was putting together a course on how to build a business over the web.

His concept is simple: Invest 60 days in building a site, creating content, getting the right ads, and other relationships in place, with the goal of creating a revenue stream that will bring in $100K per year. Bold? Definitely!

I signed up for the daily mailings so that I could follow along, and David has really been putting his heart and soul into this project. Almost every day there’s a detailed lesson plan in my Inbox, backed up by lots and lots of links to free development tools, free ebooks, and more.

David’s got a lot to say and a lot of content to deliver, and the information flow can be overwhelming at times. There’s a great forum running, with lots of interesting back and forth discussion.