A Real Ghost?

1 minute read

This photo was taken by the uncle of a co-worker when he was on vacation in Athens, Greece. The picture was taken with a digital camera and the motorcyclist appeared later. My co-worker says that her uncle would not know how to fake this picture. Uncle says that there was definitely no motorcycle in front of him when he took the picture.

I have taken the original and reduced it down to 25% using The Gimp. I added the Copyright text on the bottom, and that’s all I did. If you click on the image you will see the full-sized version (2272×1704 pixels).

I honestly don’t know what’s going on here. If you look at the full-sized version you will see what looks like a shadow ahead of the motorcycle. That doesn’t explain the ghost-like semi-transparent effect. Also, there’s no motion blur and there are no lights on the bike at all. This looks like a really old model, can anyone identify it?

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Update #1: Boris Mann noticed that the person waiting for the bus is also transparent. On second look I see that the motorcycle’s headlight is on.