Links for Tuesday, August 2, 2005

less than 1 minute read

  • – Mobile Social Network — find local contacts using WiFi. Looks cool, but not that useful unless a critcial mass of people in a particular location are running it. Might work well on a college campus.
  • GeSHi – “GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter for PHP that takes any source code and highlights it in XHTML and CSS. It features case-sensitive or insensitive highlighting, auto-caps/non-caps of any keyword, an unlimited scope for styling, the use of CSS in which almost any aspect of the source can be highlighted, the use of CSS classes to massively reduce the amount of output code, function-to-URL capabilities, line numbering, and much more. Over 30 languages are supported, including Java, C, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Pascal, C++, XML, ASP, and ASM.”
  • Who is John Titor?
  • Oracle Blogs – Aggregated from around the development community.
  • Build Your Own Earth Oven
  • Hierarchy vs. Facets vs. Tags 64-bit Budget CPU: AMD Sempron 3400+ – It is time for me to build a new home machine; this chip looks pretty good for the price.