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The Cold Hard Slap of Reality

After spending 8 days in the idyllic climate of Cabo San Lucas Mexico, I am back in Sammamish, and ready to live a reality-based life once more. I don’t usually get to take 3 weeks of vacation in one summer, so please don’t think of this as a vacation blog.

For the past couple of years I had been accumulating vacation time at a rate faster than I could use it, and early this year I started to get messages from HR telling me that I would not be accumulating further vacation time. I work too hard to let this happen, so we were lucky enough to have two vacations this year: our California Road Trip, and our usual trip to Cabos.

I didn’t think about technology or web services very much while in Mexico. In fact, I renamed a bunch of common acronyms to better suit my state of mind:

  • REST – What I did.
  • SOAP – Used for washing.
  • XML – Shorthand for “eXcuse me, I need More Lemonade.”
  • RSS – Relax, Sleep, Suntan.

We did get to experience a tropical storm, with high winds, pounding surf, and lots of thunder and lightning. I will post some pictures soon.

Ok, so now back to my regular life! The kids start school next week, and that will mark the official end of summer.