Yahoo Site Explorer – Where Are You?

1 minute read

Did you ever go to a web page that you thought would be interesting, only to find a “coming soon” or “check back” later message? Fortunately, the use of the “under construction” graphic seems to be a thing of the past, but I still find half-constructed sites with public URLs.

When I find such a page I usually throw the page into my Watch That Page account, forget about the page, and then wait for them to see the change and send me an email. This works well and I am currently watching about 15 pages.

However, the ever so cruel folks at the Yahoo Site Explorer project aren’t playing by the rules! I get an update message every day. Several neurons in my brain fire — “At last, I can see what Yahoo is cooking up.” The anticipation builds. I get to the page, expecting a multicolor presentation of some XML goodness. The page is nearly blank. The neurons are disappointed. Yahoo has simply changed the message. Today it says “Coming soon.” Tomorrow it could be “Check back later.” The next day it could be “Coming soon.” Surely the energy that they are putting into dreaming up new messages every day could be put into implementing this new feature instead.

I wonder if they could make the message say “Sorry Jeff” to compensate for all the time that I have wasted on visiting the page?

Perhaps I can link to Jeff McManus and Jeremy Zawodny, or to the Yahoo Search Blog, to make this happen. Hi guys, can you personalize that message for me?