Kids Programming Language

less than 1 minute read

Following a link from the Interesting People mailing list, I found the home page for the Kids Programming Language. Looks like a good way to get youngsters fired up about building things. I worry a lot when I see that may of today’s kids (mine included) spend way too much time as passive consumers. I need to encourage them to build more stuff (hope they’re not reading this).

Of course, given the wacky way that my brain works, I think of “Kid Programming” as something different:

var Andy = new Kid("Andy") for (var I = 1 to 5) { Andy.Wakeup() } Andy.TakeOutTheTrash(Pri => REGULAR) sleep(60) while (Trash.IsEmpty()) { Andy.TakeOutTheTrash(Pri => HIGH) sleep(30) Self.Temper++ } Andy.DoYourHomework() Andy.CleanYourRoom()

Of course I could declare variables for my daughters, but that would be akin to treating women as objects, and we all know that’s not right.

I’d better stop now.