Links for Thursday, December 1, 2005

1 minute read

  • New Version of Book Burro – This very cool Firefox extension provides in-page comparision shopping. It now works on Firefox 1.5 and Flock, and now has the ability to see if the book in question is available at the library or libraries of your choice. As I’ve noted before, I strongly believe that tools like this are the future of application integration. For example, Book Burro recognizes that the user is browsing at certain online shopping sites, fires off asynchronous web service calls to 9 different sources of pricing information and 5 different libraries, and then shows the results in an inobtrusive yet informative dynamic UI, all within 900 lines of JavaScript. You can also get the Greasemonkey version here.
  • New Version of Greasemonkey, all polished up for Firefox 1.5.
  • Tabasco Sweet and Spicy Pepper Sauce – A new flavor, only available online.
  • Six Figure Blogging – Looks fairly interesting, and I do know that some bloggers are definitely making that much on a monthly basis.
  • Some of my thoughts and views on – Not that I’m an expert (there are lots of features that I don’t yet understand or use).
  • Newest Kernel Traffic – includes an informative discussion about the Linux kernel development process.