Links for Monday, December 5, 2005

less than 1 minute read

  • Cloudmark: Fighting Spam with Reputation Systems.
  • Adaptive Path: What Puts the 2 in Web 2.0? – Don’t miss the accompanying Web 2.0 family tree.
  • Mary Meeker Discusses Technology Game Changers – This 60 page PDF contains boatloads of worthwhile hard data that Mary uses to illustrate a multitude of huge shifts that she expects to see in the next 10 years or so. Game changing technologies include wireless, pocket sized storage, broadband, video, VOIP, user generated content, on demand software, open source, online monetization, and paid content. She coined the acronym SFO to represent Search, Find, and Obtain; an interesting twist on Amazon’s Find, Discover, and Buy. Perhaps the most interesting parts are the 20 attributes of winning technology companies (slides 57 and 58).