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Links for Monday, January 9, 2006

  • MapReduce in Nutch, and more. This is an open source implementation of Google’s MapReduce algorithm.
  • Google Pack – 9 essential “safe and useful pieces” of software in one convenient download. This is a big step forward for Google, and I expect to see a lot happen here. It will be more than a little bit amusing to watch the hissy fit that Microsoft throws when Google persuades some PC manufacturers to bundle this with new machines. Next step would be to pre-configure Greasemonkey and some extra scripts, and voila, Google controls the PC user experience. What if they toss in an open source word processor and spreadsheet into the mix, and perhaps an email client? At that point Google essentially controls the application layer.
  • Custom Printed US Postage Stamps. Looks cool, but the uploader crashes Firefox but works fine on IE.
  • All Your Words: A Social Word Association Engine.