Back at Home

1 minute read

I’ve had a really busy week, and no time to blog:

  • Last Sunday I got up at 3 AM, left the house at 3, and flew to Las Vegas on a 6 AM flight. I checked into Bally’s, and then spent a couple of hours at CES. I returned to the hotel and reviewed my presentation for Affiliate Summit.

  • Monday morning I checked in at the summit and listened to some great speakers (I’ll have more to say about them later). After lunch I delivered my talk to an audience of over 300 people. I stayed at the summit until late in the evening.

  • I was up Tuesday morning at 4 AM, and left the hotel at 5 AM for a 6:30 flight to Los Angeles. From there I continued on to Honolulu. I landed and hopped a bus to the Sheraton Waikiki. Once again I got ready to talk.

  • Wednesday morning, I headed over to TPOSSCON, and delivered my talk to a smallish audience, perhaps 20 people. That evening I took at taxi to the University of Hawaii and gave another talk, this one to a group known as the Honolulu Coders.

  • I spent Thursday morning at TPOSSCON, and then spent the afternoon answering emails and recovering from the feverish pace of the previous couple of days.

  • Friday morning I picked up some souvenirs and headed to the airport, going home by way of San Franciscso. I landed at about 11:45 last night, and got home slightly before 1 AM.