Links for Saturday, January 21, 2006

1 minute read

  • Podshow Developer Community – There are allegedly 3 types of APIs: Podsafe Music Network Display API (PMNDA), Playlist API, and, Subscription API. I have to say allegedly because there are no links and no info on the site. If I was a podcaster I would vocalize and record a complaint about this and email it to Adam Curry, but I’m not, so this blog entry will have to do. Hey pod-guys, I know a little bit about web APIs.
  • Moving Pods – I helped a friend to move today, and she ordered several of these pods. One of the coolest parts of the whole process is the delivery. Each Pod arrives on the back of a truck. The pods are steel framed and quite durable, but definitely not as strong as the twenty foot “TEU” that ride on container ships. To remove a Pod from the truck, they use a crane that straddles the entire Pod. The crane stands on four wheels and has a gas engine and a hydraulic pump. The truck driver uses a set of levers or a remote control to raise, lower, drive, and steer the crane. Very interesting to watch, and very efficient. Once the Pod is full, you call them and they will pick it up. From there they can either store it in their warehouse or deliver it to the new location. Ok yes, and the crane is called PodZilla. Here are some good pictures of the PodZilla in action.
  • Martin Fowler: The New Methodology. Printed out, and ready to take on the plane with me.
  • Ookles – Not sure what they are yet, but Scott clearly has something interesting up his sleeve.