1968 Ford Mustang For Sale

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I just listed my son’s 1968 Ford Mustang for sale on eBay. This is a genuine project car. As you can see from the pictures in the listing, the body is in good condition, as are many of the parts. They are just not attached to each other or to the body!

As noted in the listing I cannot ship this car and I don’t know a whole lot about it, other than that it is taking up valuable space in my garage.

This car was the pet project of two enthusiastic teenagers, along with several of their friends who were pressed into service as needed. They grew up and went off to do church missions and college, and more or less left it behind for me to dispose of. It appears that good, restored muscle cars are in demand by aging (balding, pony-tailed) baby-boomers, so this should be interesting.