On The Road Again — Silicon Valley, Here I Come

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I’m doing a couple of unusual speaking events in Silicon Valley this week:

  • On Wednesday I will be one of the keynote speakers at a conference that Adobe is putting on for their developers. Sharing the stage with me will be Yahoo’s Jeff McManus. Back when Jeff worked for eBay, we often found ourselves side-by-side on panel discussions and such. We even joked around about trading jobs and presentations, since we pretty much knew them as well as we knew our own.

  • On Thursday I will be speaking at the Yahoo! campus. This is an insiders-only event. I will be discussing the Amazon Mechanical Turk.

As is my custom, I’ll also be meeting with some developers and some candidates while I am in the area, and I hope to have some sushi with Jason Levitt, the author of the Amazon Web Services Book.

Looking out toward the future, I’m currently pestering Niall to get me in to an SF Tech Session sometime later in the year, and I should also be in town for Mashup Camp due to the evaporation of a prior commitment that was going to keep me away.