Links for Thursday, February 9, 2006: Mpire

1 minute read

  • Mpire – Data mining tool for eBay listings. Want to know what types of things sell the best, what the trends are, and what kinds of prices you can get for your old car? Mpire looks like the way to do it. They’ve got a very interesting business model (since they have to pay for all of that eBay data). Once you sign up, you get 100 free searches. You can buy additional searches for a low price, and you get 10 additional free searches each month. Its an interesting way to let them give provide access to the site for free without going broke in the process. If you sign up, be sure to mention my email ( so that I have shot at getting their referral bonus!
  • Podcast Month at PRWeb – Submit your podcast-related press release and get a shot at a free upgrade to the $200 level. I have added two new PR Web podcast feeds to Syndic8 here and here.
  • Optimus Mini 3. I just ordered mine, just $100. Remarkably, this is the second online purchase that I have made from a vendor in Russia in the last 6 months.
  • 30 Boxes Developer Program – I have this page in my WatchThatPage list, and it changes regularly. Pretty cool to read that they want to be friendly to Greasmonkey; if I were advising them I would tell them to use the [hCalendar] ( microformat. There’s a whole essay sitting in my head (that I have yet to commit to paper and/or bits) about how web companies can be friendly to developers without creating a web services program, by simply marking up their site using the appropriate microformats. Putting the right markup on your page data is (to me anyway) an implicit message to developers that says “here is our data, we want you to use it, and to make it even easier we have marked it for you.”