SDForum Mixed Reality Event & Second Life

1 minute read

I’ve been hearing interesting things about Second Life since last fall, and finally jumped in and created an account last week. I was literally lost for a while, but I’m starting to find my bearings now. The possibilities for this virtual space are very intriguing, and I am already building a little presentation space. I’m not ready to show off just yet, but send me an email if you want a sneak peek.

This morning, SD Forum is conducting what they are calling a “mixed reality event.” The event will take place in RL (Real Life) and SL (Second Life) simultaneously. Unfortunately, the Second Life Event directory doesn’t have an accurate Teleport link for the event. The link goes to the proper island, but the presentation space is far away from the landing point and a lot of people are going to miss it. If this happens to you, simply head down to the Southwest corner of the island:

Once you are there this is what you will see:

Move a bit closer:

Have a snack:

And take a seat:

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the entire conference:

Looks like a good crowd is gathering:

This is beyond cool, this is the future!

Afternoon update: There’s now live video:

And a good sized audience:

Here’s another audience view. Clearly no one told them about “business casual” dress: