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Syndic8 Update

I just came back from a 2 week speaking tour in the UK and found that the Syndic8 poller has been stuck for nearly 2 weeks. I could have checked this from the road, but it is usually pretty well behaved and I was, to put it mildly, really busy. I did a SOA conference and a user group in London, another conference in Amsterdam, and then a third in Scotland, along with some customer visits and stops at the Amazon offices in London and Edinburgh.

My body is still in a different time zone than the rest of me, so I was up and at the keyboard by 4:00 this morning.

I haven’t been paying nearly enough attention to Syndic8 lately, and this oversight is one sign of that. I’m changing course now, and plan to get things back on track very quickly.

First step is to upgrade to a more recent (and more efficient) version of MySQL. I am building and will soon install 4.1.19 as a step in the right direction.