Join me at Spaceport Alpha

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It looks like the Space Shuttle will launch today!

I’m sitting inside one of the coolest places I have found inside of Second Life. It is called Spaceport Alpha, and it was apparently built by NASA employees and some other interested parties. There’s some more information on the New World Notes blog.

This “build” (as they say) is quite amazing and I don’t understand why it isn’t jammed full of people. I’m writing this post to draw more people in.

If you have Second Life installed, simply visit Spaceport Alpha (that’s a SLURL, or Second Life URL — a link into a location within Second Life).

If you don’t have it installed, well go for it. Download the client, create your Avatar, and then come back to this post and click on the SLURL.

Here are some screen shots to entice you. Note that the video projection screens in the presentation area are real — they are showing NASA TV, by means of some QuickTime magic.