Outpost, More Screen Shots

1 minute read

Here’s what I have so far.

Walking down the street:

Hey, what’s that over there?

This looks interesting, let’s check it out:

Amazon Web Services Virtual Outpost! Cool. Let’s go inside:

Step right up:

Some web services books over on the right wall:

And some application screen shots on the left wall:

Let’s have a seat and watch the presentation:

Looks cool, almost like a real conference:

Hey, I can actually read these PowerPoints:

Oh yeah, I actually work here. I’d better put my suit on:

We just need some visitors to make this complete:

Here’s the podium. I can control the PowerPoint with the top row of buttons (Forward, Back, and Rewind) and the lights with the bottom button:

Yes, this is real alright:

Let’s go up to the second level:

Walk out onto the roof (OSHA wouldn’t approve of this catwalk, but too bad):

Looks like we have some information about Amazon S3 here:

Get closer:

And even closer:

What’s that tower in the distance to the right? Let’s go see:

Back down the ramp:

Looks like the AWS blog:

Sure enough, it is the AWS blog:

Let’s hop on the little elevator seat to read it:

I’m flying, whee!

Back down to Earth: