Links for Wednesday, August 9,2006

1 minute read

  • Kevin Burton: Technorati’s Numbers are Wrong – “These numbers are overly optimistic and dangerous. There are not 50 million blogs. Blogs are great and all but too much hype is a bad thing.
  • Nu RL PR HQ in SL – That’s ‘New Real Life Public Relations Headquarters in Second Life’. – “Text 100 claims to the first public relations agency to establish a presence inside Second Life. Among PR agencies with a RL presence, this may be true, but it’s important to note that there are already a handful of virtual PR agencies in existence, i.e., small firms and independent promoters who exist nowhere else but the virtual world.” Yes, true. I’ve already met one virtual PR person.
  • [A Futuristic Utopia for Duran Duran](A Futuristic Utopia For Duran Duran) – “This heralds a new era in how branded content is being developed. For the first time a major international band is using a virtual world as a branded, immersive experience. We’re working directly with the band members to ensure fans get the ultimate Duran Duran experience.
  • Scott Johnson: 20 Tips for Working at Home – This is a direct link to the MP3. If you visit the containing page you can listen to this using an embedded player. I really, really enjoy listening to Scott’s pragmatic, no-nonsense podcasts every day and this one’s particularly good.
  • Tristan Louis: Characteristics of Virtual Worlds Users – “Having looked, in the previous entry, at the economic conditions surrounding virtual worlds, I am now turning my attention to the demographic profile of those users.