I’m Back…

1 minute read

Cabos Fountain We returned from vacation on Monday night and have spent the time since then in my work and my personal inboxes, chipping away at at stack of approximately one billion email messages. To make matters worse my email provider (Imapmail.org) is now in the process of recovering from a system crash, and I’ve been unable to get to my personal email for 24 hours.

Vacation was excellent, even though my wife and I were leading an entourage of 14 people consisting of 4 of our 5 kids, 3 of their friends, my mother in law, and my wife’s brother and his family. We spent a week at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. We usually stay at the Rosé in Cabos, another property in the Pueblo Bonito family of resorts. This time we did a bit of trading and ended up with two of the largest suites at the Sunset Beach property. We had a great time despite a day of bad weather near the end (nothing like this, though).

One thing about Cabos that surprises first-time visitors is the prevalence of the timeshare “sharks.” From the minute you step off the plane in San Jose Del Cabo, these sharks will offer you food, drinks, and activities if you take a 90 minute tour of a resort. If you take one of these tours you will be subject to a high-pressure, no-holds-barred sales pitch and may end up buying a timeshare property before you realize it. Fortunately, we’ve been through this before and we know how to play the game. My wife, superb negotiator that she is, pre-arranged a tour that included enough food and beverage credits to cover nearly 2/3 of our tab at the end of the week.

All in all, a great time in Cabos, as always. Next year’s trip will include a family reunion in Cabos centered around our 25th wedding anniversary!