Links for Wednesday, September, 13, 2006

1 minute read

  • Noon (MDT) Today: Watch the Grass Get Mowed – “I’ve had a webcam watching my grass grow…
  • Robot Department Store – “Opening next month in Nagoya, the Robot Mirai Department store will sell robots and robot accessories. The store is part of a complex that also houses Nagoya’s new Robot Museum, and its star product will be a 35 centimeter tall humanoid that goes by the name of Nuvo.” Via Springwise.
  • Ariane Brodie’s Second Life Tips and Scripts – “What I want to do with this page is offer free advice for the beginner, and show you that a lot of what long timers do is not all that difficult.
  • Sitepoint: Second Life for a Weekend – “Had a free weekend to burn so rather than doing something sensible, like enjoying the great weather, decided to check out Second Life from Linden Labs, which has been popping up on more and more radars in the last few months, and just starting to reach the mainstream press.
  • Feedburner: A Peek Inside TechCrunch’s 100k Subscriber Milestone – “You may have noticed that TechCrunch recently surpassed the 100k subscriber mark. Given this major milestone, we asked Michael if he’d be willing to open the hood and share some of the data about his feed and the rich history behind the impressive growth shown below.