Text On a Prim Update

1 minute read

I’ve been slowly adding features to my Second Life Text on a Prim system.

First, I moved the server-side code off of my overburdened Syndic8 server onto another server. I then registered textprim.com and set up my DNS using ZoneEdit.

The in-world prim now accepts a series of formatting commands on channel 2, as follows:

  • Height:NNN to set the height of the generated image.
  • Width:NNN to set the width of the generated image.
  • Font:SSS to set the font (I have just one font file installed on the server right now, so this isn’t too useful just yet).
  • FontSize:NNN to set the font size.
  • BodyColorRGB:RRR,GGG,BBB to set the background color.
  • TextColorRGB:RRR,GGG,BBB to set the text color.
  • Reset! to set all of the parameters back to their default values.

Ok, so now I can type a sequence of commands like this:

  • /2 Height:256
  • /2 Width:256
  • /2 BodyColorRGB:128,128,128
  • /2 TextColorRGB:0,255,0
  • /2 FontSize:32
  • /1 Jeff Rocks

To get this:

Jeff Rocks

Hmmm, the body color should be gray, not blue. Have to look in to that.

I have run into a snag, however! The llParcelMedia function limits the length of the URL argument to 255 characters for some reason. I was very verbose when I named the parameters that I pass to the server-side script, so I can’t enter in text messages of any real length yet. I can shorten the parameter names, but this is still a significant and unanticipated restriction. Sigh…