PHD – Personal Hack Day

less than 1 minute read

  • Work Laptop:
    1. Set OOF message for the day – Check!
    2. Process bare minimum of work email – Check!
    3. Outlook: Alt-File-Exit – Check!
  • Home Desktop:
    1. Process all personal email received overnight – Check!
    2. Thunderbird: Alt-File-Exit – Check!
    3. Firefox: Select BlogLines tab, Alt-File-Close Tab – Check!
    4. Activate Second Life – Check!

Ok, today I’m not on email and I’m not reading or blogging (other than this). I am going to dive headfirst into my Text on a Prim and Web Page on a Prim work in Second Life, and hope to have something sufficiently polished to sell by the time I wrap up tonight.