Links for Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner Featured in Local Attraction – “The Boeing Company partnered with Stocker Farms to feature the 787 Dreamliner as the design of the farm’s annual corn maze. This year’s corn maze will use a series of trails throughout the 10-acre field to create the design of a 787 Dreamliner airplane.
  • In The Grid Magazine: Issue 1 – [PDF] “Greetings, and welcome to the first issue of IN THE GRID (ITG), a new culture publication about the videogame/alternative-reality Second Life. Since this might be the first time some readers are coming across ITG, I thought I’d take a moment and explain how our publication works.
  • Millions of Us: Sun Microsystems Press Release in Second Life – “*Sun Microsystems presents the first press conference in a virtual space–October 10th, 2006. *“