Links for Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1 minute read

  • IBM Virtual Block Party – “Developing a new hire on boarding process to take place in virtual worlds, eliminating the need to travel and making it easier to do real-time business and cultural training and education.” Wow!
  • Greater IBM: IBM’s 3D Jam in Second Life – “But here is the real kicker: The cost of this entire experiment was ‘zero’. Outside of the time people offered up to participate, there was not cost to IBM for this deeply immersive 3D, virtual meeting of 150 people. Let that number wiggle around in your head for a while and think about what is possible from a community building and collaboration perspective across IBM.” Yes, yes, for sure, absolutely!
  • Redeye VP: Domino Rally Business Models – “*The problem with Domino Rally business models is that they tend to have a binary outcome — everything either lines up perfectly or it doesn’t work at all. Even if each component has a high probability of a successful outcome (say a 75% chance of a positive outcome), the combined probability outcome for success is not high. *“
  • Seattle Second Life In-Person Meetup: Customizing Your Avatar – “The focus will be on how to lose the newbie look. There will be a demo as well internet connectivity premitting.
  • Chris Pirillo: The World’s First Comic API – “Given the publish date for a comic, returns the data for that comic. The comic publish dates can be obtained by using the blaugh.GetListOfComics method.