Links for Saturday, October 14, 2006

1 minute read

  • Jake Ludington: Batch Crop Digital Photos and Images – “JPEGCrops remains my favorite solution for batch cropping digital images, because it provides the flexibility to either apply the same crop settings to a large block of photos in a batch, or I can quickly go through a batch of photos and customize the crop for each image before applying all the changes.
  • Avi Bar-Ze’ev: Web 3D – “* My thesis is simple: the standard web browser can remain the center of daily networked life, the framework of evolution for the web, if it evolves to embrace 3D as a first-class citizen, along with text and images and links. It may be called the Web 3D browser, or it may simply be called Firefox, Opera, and IE. Either way, for people like me, that evolution can’t happen soon enough.*” Be sure to read all seven parts of this article.
  • Proceedings of the Second Life Education Workshop at the Second Life Community Convention – [PDF] “The possibilities for creating effective Second Life learning opportunities seem to be immense. The papers in this volume provide excellent examples of the highly creative work that is taking place.
  • Seattle Code Camp v 2.0 – “Code Camp is back this October 28th and 29th at DeVry University in Federal Way.
  • Jon Udell: Second Life Builds the Social Metaverse – “3-D richness notwithstanding, Second Life is fundamentally social, too. I can’t wait to see what the business world will make of it, or of systems like it, after the novelty wears off. How about this for a practical application: an island where IT administrators and their clueless users trade places. Or where programmers and their business sponsors switch roles. That’d be edutaining.” – What did I tell you last week? This is all about info-edu-tainment!