Text On a Prim Update ][

1 minute read

I spent a couple of hours this evening finalizing my Text On a Prim project, adding the following new features:

  • Ability to change the Message channel (the default is 1) and the Style channel (the default is 2) to any desired values. Of course, once you change them the prim is no longer listening on the old channels, so these commands must be used with care.
  • Ability to set a Click message and a Click URL on the prim. If an avatar touches the prim and there’s a Click URL defined, a popup dialog displays the Click Message and asks the user if they want to open an external browser on the site denoted by the Click URL.
  • Certain commands are now accepted only when sent by the owner of the prim. Commands which affect the appearance of the prim are accepted from any user who happens to know the proper channel. Commands which accept the behavior of the prim are accepted only when sent by the owner of the prim.
  • Font: command, with options to use Arial, Century, Garamond, Palatino, Tahoma, or Verdana. One font at a time. I can add more in the future by simply uploading the appropriate TrueType files to my server. I went overboard in Photoshop and created an animated GIF showing the same string in a number of fonts:

Now I need to write some notecards and build a little vendor and I should be all set!