Links for Tuesday, October 31, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • Nelson Minar: A Real French Lesson – “Apparently I know enough French to stare down a punk.
  • Wikipedia: Technology Evangelist – “An evangelist promotes the use of a particular product or technology through talks, articles, blogging, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations, or the creation of sample projects.
  • Dorai: I Envy His Job – “I heard him three times and every time, I have noticed packed rooms, lots and lots of questions.
  • Motorati Life – “We bought 96 acres and named it Motorati in hopes of kick starting car culture in Second Life. To find out how to become part of the action, check back soon.
  • Business Week: Second Life Lessons – “The current flood of corporate press releases announcing a Second Life for presence has echoes of the late ’90s, when every CEO wanted an e-commerce site. Then, as now, it was cool and timely, but not easy to make any real money.
  • Business Week: How to Get a Second Life – “Take this as seriously as taking your company to a new country or continent. For example, do Second Life residents really wear and, more importantly, buy simple T-shirts and jeans?