Links for Thursday, November 2, 2006

1 minute read

  • Darren Barefoot: User Name and Password – “Just an average day on the Internet, circa 2006.
  • Mike Arrington: TechCrunch Bashing Heats Up – “Traditional media doesn’t like this. They hate the fact that I get information that they can’t get. They hate the fact that I actually enjoy my job and have fun doing it.
  • WSJ: Ex-Surfer Is Newest Silicon Valley Power Broker – “Mr. Arrington didn’t know much about the newest Web trends, so he surfed the Internet to catch up. When he didn’t find any central place to learn about new Web companies, he started a blog to provide that resource to others.
  • IEEE Spectrum: The Firefox Kid – “As part of the first generation to grow up with the Internet, Ross discovered early how geek culture was conspiring against his parents. Although his mom, a psychologist, and his dad, a lawyer, hold graduate degrees, they were stymied when they tried to do just about anything online.
  • Parakey: Give Your Computer The Bird – “Computers are frustrating. Creating documents, finding files, sharing information— why do everyday things still seem so tedious and counterintuitive?
  • Fastmail.FM: All Users Now On Replicated Servers – “We believe that this will provide us the highest possible reliability while still allowing us to continue to grow our user base.