Links for Tuesday, November 28, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • LSL Wiki: Vehicle Tutorial – “Custom vehicles can be constructed and controlled using the LSL. This chapter will cover the basics of how vehicles work, the terms used when describing vehicles, and a more thorough examination of the api available.
  • Five Years of VLT: The Top 20 – “On the occasion of this fifth anniversary, ESO has produced this DVD containing the Top 20 most stunning astronomical images collected by the VLT.”
  • Ian Hughes: Fab Fabjectory – “A few weeks a go I stood for a capture session in SL, and am now the proud owner of this excellent epredator potato figure straight out of a 3d printer.
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick: Open Sourcing My TechCrunch Work Flow – “RSS feeds make it possible to consume far more information at a faster pace than would otherwise be possible for the human brain. That said, many people experience a new level of information overload once they begin reading feeds. Here’s an overview of how I read thousands of RSS feeds without breaking a sweat.