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Hello From Japan

I’m in Japan this week to catch up with my local evangelist, and to do a whole bunch of meetings with developers and with the Japanese press. Here’s a picture that my wife snapped (she got to come along too) after we passed through customs:


We’re quite jet-lagged, but that’s not going to stop us from going out for a nice walk around Shibuya station this evening.

Its been a busy week or two for us, but what else is new. Last week I did the GNote conference on Monday, flew to Chicago that night, and had a meeting with a corporate AWS user that day. Came home Tuesday night, and spent Wednesday getting ready for Thursday’s Ignite Seattle meeting. Saturday we went to Chris and Ponzi‘s wedding, and we flew Seattle to Tokyo just a few hours ago.

We’ll be back home on Sunday morning, and then Thursday we will return to the airport to pick up my son Stephen and will celebrate the end of his two-year missionary experience in New York!