Tokyo – Conveyor Belt Sushi

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Earlier this week I visited an amazing conveyor belt sushi bar with one of my colleagues from With some help from the hotel concierge my wife and I were able to find it again (not a trivial thing given the irregular nature of the streets here).

After a long wait we were seated and had a great meal. The system is really simple. You sit down and wash your hands with the provided towel. You make your own green tea with the provided mug and bag, using the hot water taps placed every 3 or 4 seats. You snare a pair of chopsticks, and then start taking the plates off the conveyor belt as they scroll past. Each place has 2 sushis on it and costs 100 yen. Between the two of us we managed to put away 17 plates, which cost us just 1700 yen or about $14.50.

Here are some pictures (a bit blurry because this place is, in actuality, a blur of activity):

conveyor_belt_sushi_1.jpg conveyor_belt_sushi_2.jpg conveyor_belt_sushi_3.jpg conveyor_belt_sushi_4.jpg conveyor_belt_sushi_5.jpg