Links for Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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  • Metaversatility – “Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that fosters community, entertainment, education and commerce in on-line spaces.
  • Marketers Find a New Place to Set Up Shop: Virtual reality – “The number of Second Life residents making profits over US$5,000 a month surged more than 40 percent in November, according to data released on Tuesday by Linden Lab, while the total number of profitable residents rose 11.5 percent from the prior month.
  • Guy Kawasaki: The Venture Capital Aptitude Test – “Venture capital is something to do at the end of your career, not the beginning. It should be your last job, not your first.
  • Donnagh McDonnagh: Laptop Hardware for Second Life – “This is a follow-on from the Desktop Hardware for Second Life post. Again, these are only suggestions, and are not meant to be comprehensive. I focus on the two mainstream platforms, Dell and Apple.