No, I Will Not Write Code For You!

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Every week or two I get a random email from some developer asking me to write code for them. Here’s a typical one:

hello sir, this is sanjiv from india , i ve gone through resume ,and i got yr mail id from there………
i am PHP/Mysql developer in one of india based company.
actually i ve some problem in php…?
the problem is when i want to read any kind of resume which are in (Doc with tabular format) format,after reading that resume i want to print any page ,the format of that previous resume have been destroy.
if u ve any solution of this problem plz give me

i will be very-very thankfull for that

I could rant all day on this, but I won’t. Can’t spell, can’t be bothered to use real words, can’t be bothered to actually solve the problem. And he’s getting paid for this?

Another one posted his code, his database table schemas, and his database as a blog comment and asked me to make major changes to it.