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Photo Tour of the Sammamish River Trail

Redmond’s Marymoor Park is just a couple of miles from our home. This morning I drove over to Marymoor, bought at $1 parking pass, donned my gloves, shoved my iPod in one pocket and my camera in the other, and set off for my weekly walk on the Sammamish River Trail adjacent to the park. I never tire of this trail. It is different every time — there are always plenty of people, bikes, dogs, wildlife, trees, flowers, fish, birds, and even some mountain views. It was a bit cold this morning (below 40F) so the trail wasn’t too busy. I got a whole lot of good pictures and though I would do a little photo tour. I walked a total of 6 miles today and here’s what I saw:

Entering the trail:


Lots of trees:

stp61206.jpg stp61208.jpg stp61209.jpg


stp61212.jpg stp61236.jpg stp61247.jpg


stp61218.jpg stp61223.jpg stp61225.jpg stp61227.jpg stp61229.jpg stp61232.jpg

Bridges in several styles:

stp61230.jpg stp61220.jpg stp61221.jpg stp61246.jpg stp61251.jpg stp61238.jpg

People running, riding bikes, and pushing their kids:

stp61234.jpg stp61253.jpg