Slowly Getting Back Up To Speed…

1 minute read

I had my first post-surgery doctor’s visit yesterday. He removed some internal bandages and packing material and told me that things are healing up nicely. I’m not taking any pain-killers, I don’t have the energy to go to the office just yet, but I can’t stand to sit around and watch TV all day. So I’m just reading way too much news and cleaning up my inbox a little bit. I am still taking antibiotics daily along with a squirt of Prednisone, and I have to use a funny little rinsing bottle to keep everything clean. It looks like I will be back on the job on Monday. That gives me two more weeks to recuperate before I head down to Utah for a bunch of meetings and talks in early February. After that I am heading to London for another similar week.

Even though I still have a lot of healing in front of me, I can definitely breathe easier already. Last night, I took a short nap while watching the horrendously bad American Idol tryouts. My daughter told me that I no longer make awful sounds while I am asleep, which is definitely a step forward. I’m sleeping really soundly, enough to have vivid dreams for the first time in a long while. Still waiting on the sense of smell to return.

I did see a FoodTV segment on a very yummy-looking restaurant by the name of Logan’s Roadhouse. Sadly, none of the locations are around here or in areas that I’m likely to visit this year.

I also installed Tab Effect, a slick little Firefox extension. This extension uses DirectX to produce a nice rotating cube effect when switching tabs.

Finally, I’ve been providing a friend with some feedback on his Google Maps application. It is not yet ready for prime time, so I won’t link to it.