Links for Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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  • David Cohn: Internet Multitasking Disorder — Why Make it Up? – “I tend to surf the web with 20 or so tabs at a time. I have three regular emails (down from four) and a slew of log-ins to I don’t know how many social networks.
  • David Cohn: Internet Multitasking Disorder — And How We Read the News – “Although Internet Multitasking Syndrome is not a known medical disorder (I just made it up five minutes ago), it is not uncommon for people to become so immersed in their online activities that their cognitive abilities wane.
  • Janet Meiners: I Saw Phil Burns and He’s Alive – “Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between guts and insanity. I hope he succeeds.
  • Shopbot Tools – “We’ve simplified CNC technology to allow more shops to take advantage of the power of CNC automation and benefit from the precision of CNC cutting, milling, and machining.
  • Comfile Technology Cubloc – “Experience Real-Time processing powers of PLC and BASIC all in one chip. Now you can process complex math, graphic capabilities, and communication using BASIC language.