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Links for Friday, January 26, 2007

  • Chris Clarke: Social Media at Work – “If you don’t know what RSS is yet, there’s still hope.
  • Meg Pickard:Musings on Twitter – “The thing I like about Twitter is the light touch – small nuggets of people’s lives: what are YOU doing/thinking right now?
  • Rich Skrenta: The Joy of the Hack – “The essence of the hack isn’t just realizing you can use a system in a new, unexpected way. It’s getting a disproportionate effect from your effort. It’s catalyzing potential energy stored in the system.
  • Scott Kirsner: Getting Paid: Sites that Help Video Producers Make Money – “On this chart, I’ve tried to list all of the Web sites that enable independent video producers to make money from their work. I’ve ranked the sites subjectively, based on how much traffic and buzz they’ve been attracting, and also how likely it seems that a video producer would actually manage to earn a significant return by posting a video to them.